15 Ways to Lower Your Grocery Bill Without Coupons

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Discover 15 proven ways to lower your grocery bill without using coupons!

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Teliker Remy says:

What app can I use in the UK

Jessica Morae' says:

Great tips☺

Julie Satterfield says:

I have an American Express card. It's 6% off at grocery stores. When I get my statement I call and get the amount taken off my statement. Then the amount I saved I tithe 10% and save 10% and put the rest down on my mortgage. Every little bit helps. I only owe $25,000 on my house now…

danny myers says:

I'm trying to subscribe and I can't??

Tabitha Phillips says:

iBotta is a rip off they would not give me my cash back, the account was suddenly locked when I went to redeem. They also have a rating of a B with the BBB for the same unethical business procedures. Look it up for yourself.

mzgemini0006 says:

Very good tips…. especially meal planning. I'm trying to cook at home to save money VS eating out. That has been my biggest struggle

Falleaves x says:

Great video. Thanks for info and link for the Ibotta especially while they have the $10 offer ^_^

Cool Crafty Creations says:

Have used All of these tips! Only wished there were an Aldi here in San Antonio

Linda Nolasco says:

thanks for the awesome savings tip

Sarah Marie says:

You had me until "meat at target"

Michelle Fowlkes says:

I'm happy that I knew these tips before I saw this video. Heck, I don't even meat, dairy, & eggs and I try to eat less process foods.. chips, soda, that kind of thing. I lost weight which I wanted for 2 years after having my son.

Felicia Dependable Angel Services says:

the store here don't price match anymore

Erin Ivins says:

I just redeemed a $25 gift card to target from Ibotta and I already have over $10 again. That gift card got me a new outfit and some household things!

njoyelife says:

Meal planning has been a saving grace!! I have a family of 5 and I had $100 that I wanted to stretch for two weeks and I did it!! Make the list, look for sales and I've been saving so much! We also do breakfast for dinner! I use the Walmart cash back app…the money I make usually pay for dog food or detergents!

Veronica Salas says:

Thank you just subbed!😊

Amy browneyes says:

great tips! your make up looks stunning this video!!!

Annie Gold says:

Another big tip never go to the grocery store when you are hungry. I tend to throw things in my cart that aren't on my list if I go while I'm hungry. sounds simple but it is so true at least for me it is.

Ashley Godbey says:

My son and I love breakfast for dinner but my hubby WILL NOT eat breakfast for dinner. lol… his lost!!

lovin liph on a budget says:

We LOVE breakfast food for dinner! Great tips! ♥

Achieving is the New Dreaming says:

I've been watching your videos on here for months and I only just realised you were the girl from extreme couponing when you mentioned it. I love watching the videos you and your hubby make.

Debra Williams says:

I get a lot of produce from Farmshare and other food banks so I don't actually buy very little produce now unless I have to!!

Debra Williams says:

Don't shop for groceries hungry!! You will over spend on things you do not need!!!

Debra Williams says:

I use sales papers, apps and a cash budget to save money!!!

Faye Jordan says:

Use Savings Catcher at Walmart. I only shop at Walmart and Costco!

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