Coupon Mail & Updates | VLOG May 24, 2016

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Happy Tuesday it is time for another Coupon Mail Call and Update Wednesday! I am so far behind that I am doing the update Wednesday a day earlier so I can get my Target and CVS videos out by Wednesday and Thursday of this week!
PO BOX 91863
Long Beach CA 90809

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NudePout Vlogs says:

I like your energy on youtube……Im subscribing now so that I can follow your new vids. thanks for sharing.

Ana v says:

Thumbs up!! TFS

Remy Garcia says:

Yay, I'm glad you'll be able to use some of those coupons. ☺️ I know some have expired by the time you opened the letter (sorry! 😣) I swear I sent them before you had your trip to Vegas. I don't want you thinking I purposely sent expired coupons, lol!


cant waite for your new channel love your channel   tfs

Shannon Kathleen says:

The shea moisture smoothie is like a leave in conditioner, I love it!

cathy williams says:

Thank you for the Help. You doing fine job.keep it up.

chardonna Cochran says:

are you going to do a cvs haul this week??

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