Extreme Couponing – Season 2, Episode 3 – Erin & Shavon

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Dan Merrill says:

Grandmama Flossy was always flossin with the no expire coupons

acidic-awakening says:

Man, it's so funny to see your relatives (my step mom and aunt) on tv and to read all the comments about them lol.

And just to clear things up, Shavon was sick during this time period..she actually doesn't smoke at all, her voice isn't normally that raspy lol. Annnnd they live on a hugeeee farm full of chickens, cows and plenty of farm grown crops.

stephen S says:

My mom said my family will do this and I say 'I'm not doing that 11 times'

Samus Aran says:

I like the two sisters! So cute!

Sajjad Ali says:

I can't imagine any retailer allowing anyone to more than one coupon for an item per transaction. Then only thing that makes this show lack credibility as much as I like watching it!

Bethany Wright says:

If I worked at a grocery store and saw someone taking up and aisle w/ all of those baskets, I would make them pack it up and leave. That's ridiculous.

Alexis Sides says:

People like this are greeedy. Coupon policies most of the time won't allow you to do this anymore. Sure they donate maybe some of their stuff , but why not donate more? You don't need all that stuff in your house. Some people don't have food and y'all are buying 120 boxes of pasta. It's ridiculous. Greedy. Use your "talent" to help the needy.

Emma Couch says:

It is funny how most of the extreme couponers are women 😂😂😂

Kennedy Hamm says:

Where would you go to if there were a zombie apocalypse? Duh 🙄 a extreme couponers house stalkpile

Amy C says:

Who wants all that old candy. Can't help but think all that hoarding is just a waste

Czar Zenana says:

Who, in the end, do you think is paying for your discounts?
Correct, we are.

Mia Teleshuk says:

most money i ever spent was 30$ dollars

Kyle Mann says:

wow safeing alot of money

PrettyTiaF says:

They have no lives…crying over coupons like that…

sean lewis says:

don't tell me you paid for your grandma funeral with coupon. RIP grandma

So What says:

Nevermind, it's their Problem when they die of Diabetes

King Dewoot says:

The first one isn't very extreme, extreme means at least 98% discount.

tesha griffey says:

I need to start doing this

Zuleyka Mateo says:

My question is why did the last pair of sisters have a really long receipt (that the cashier read their total savings off of) when they separated their order into 21 different transactions?

Taran Tula says:

They seriously need a life wow.

rhysepoos says:

I don't think my car would be big enough to get all of that stuff home!

Mich PR says:

Throughout the whole video I'm thinking, "In a zombie apocalypse, I know where to go."

rochelle123ist says:

Her son is adorable! Bryce is such a good boy and helper! Especially for almost a whole day!

lolableu517 says:

I love Erin story

rochelle123ist says:

I would hate to be the cashier

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