How I grocery shop (coupons, price matching) SMALL HAUL.

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Sorry ladies this is an old video I found totally forgot I had this but it was filmed around my nightmare so I’m not surprised. This is just a very small haul just to show you all how I shop. I ALWAYS price match but coupons are tricky now that I work full time. Miss you ladies and will do an update video soon XOXO


Liz Metcalf says:

You know there are free Coupon Matching websites that do all that work for you, right? for the NE, for the South, and many others.  You just check the box next to the deals you want and they tell you what week insert the coupon was in, and link to any printables, you print your list, clip or pull your coupons and go.  No need to spend all that time going through the flyers as someone else has done it already for you.

xmetalbabyx says:

I wish Australia had a bigger coupon market. We get ripped off here! And there's no coupons to help.

mawpatti says:

aweeee so good to see you in a video..thinking about how your doing..hope your life is better these days..miss your videos..take good care!! 🙂

MsAlexisMac says:

Please do more like this

Karla Rod says:

I was just thinking about you the other day!! I miss your videos and your TTC updates. I hope all is well 🙂

Mikka Smith says:

My goodness its so cheap there. That classico sauce here is like 3 something!!

Dinaoli says:

i need to start shopping at food basics!!!!

ELS382 says:

Yea, so glad to see a video from you!!! I hope you're going great!

jessica leitexoxo says:

I live in Canada so there are a few sites I go to but mainly I just join local groups on facebook and they search for them and they are always on my home page for me 🙂

calgarymom85 says:

Where do you order coupons from?

jessica leitexoxo says:

Mmm thanks for the tip! 🙂

angelique robles says:

Girl! If you got those Downey unstoppable things.. And have a candle warmer, the kind you put wax in.. Put the Downey unstoppables in the candle warmer! Makes ur house smell like like clean laundry!

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