Solotica Contacts (Hidrocor Quartzo & Hidrocor Ocre) Discount code

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OMG these contacts are literally toooo die for!!! I hope you like this video and do not forget my coupon code for cash off!!!

Vision Marketplace website:

My shades: Blue – Hidrocor quartzo
Light brown shade – Hidrocor Ocre



♡Instagram: @divnvs
♡Snapchat: didiwigga

Frequently asked Q’s;

♡What camera do I use? SONY Nex-5
♡Where is my mirror from? IKEA
♡My ethnicity? Born and raised in Stockholm, originally from Slemani Kurdistan



Kirsty H says:

I love it when you do videos where you speak more quietly. You have a lovely voice. I don't think it is a coincidence your quieter videos are your more-watched videos. Thanks for your review!

LMessentials says:

I just want to say Thank you Diana!!! This video & review is what made me want to go ahead and purchase the Solotica Hidrocor Quartzo after watching so many other video reviews. They are absolutely gorgeous on you! I appreciate the discount code and what you had to say about Vision Marketplace. It seems people all over youtube has been spending a little more money for them. Keep on rocking girl! Thanks again! 🙂

Tokyo Raye says:

Thanks I just ordered my contacts in 'ocre' u saved me a few dollars with the discount code 😘

Mikaela De Guzman says:

Why the fuck do you talk like that

S Trisha says:

Hey doll…what's your shade in MAC?

Jay'Leen Velez says:

What lipstick are u wearing

Jae White says:

Two of my favorite pairs.🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

Darilyn Glow says:

Hey girl , how long was the shipping?

Vanєℓℓá Biancá says:

Wow u got Arabic tatto 💋❤

cmares says:

Giiirl this is the second item i buy with your code…just got me some contacts! Love you!

daren jone says:

Arabia tatoالصبر مفتاح الفرج🤤🤤😍nice

Mcfine2011 says:

I got my hidrocor quartzo and they definitely look like a zombie or a lizard. I have dark brown eyes, I'm tanned now and have light hair colour. I used to wear waicon trikolor gray and they look gorgeous and bright but not like a zombie and natural. Very similar are the bella natural cool grey (but waicon slightly better). So now I wanted to find and equivalent to that colour in solotica as they seem to be even more natural looking. I thought the quartzo would be the one, but no way. On this video they look good so I don't understand why the difference is huge

Brittany Toczko says:

How did you know which one was right and left?

Ravenna Habib says:

when you are ordering them they ask right eye power and left eye power what do they mean by that

Mariana Lujan Pryr says:

Si no fuera que hablas demasiado, el vídeo estaría bueno, la ventaja que puedo adelantarlo así que chau y de nada ( por mirar tu vídeo )

Pierce d says:

You are so sexy and funny….love ur fucking style too!

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