How To SHOP & SAVE At Whole Foods Market

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In this video, I’ll show you how to save money when shopping at Whole Foods Market. You may not know it, but there are SO MANY ways to save money at Whole Foods. First, be sure to look at end caps for Whole Foods sales. You can also get bulk and case discounts at Whole Foods – this includes staples like rice and luxuries like wine. You will also want to check out the Whole Foods 356 Everyday Value brand. And get to now the Whole Foods Coupon Policy that clearly states that you can a store coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon on one item including items on sale! There is also a vitamin club that allows you to save and so much more! So come along with me and learn how to save at Whole Foods Market while you shop!


joe tansin says:

Warning “Whole Foods” sells pastries full of Mold, please watch this video

joe tansin says:

Warning “Whole Foods” sells pastries full of Mold, please watch this video

joe tansin says:

Warning “Whole Foods” sells pastries full of Mold, please watch this video

kcaj mortsnnew says:

I save a LOT at WF by not going there…EVER…it's a phoneey, 'hip ',overpriced and dishonest

Shomari Bratchett says:

@hip2save Why do you shop at Whole foods?

busybody1 says:

anyone looking for savings..won't be looking at whole foods.
i've lived on east and west coasts, bottom line.. shop at stores where you bag your own items. save up to 50% easily.
do they carry every name brand item? no, hence the savings

Tree zus says:

not my proudest fap.

ectoteric says:

So she only buys 6 or 7 small items, where's her BIG SAVINGS shopping in a jam packed shopping cart she was supposed to do at Whole Foods? No one buys more than a few items in that store anyway, because they're way too expensive! That Gluten Free Annie's Mac & Cheese box, you can buy for .99 cents a box at Walmart! Also, who's going to buy 6 bottles of salad dressing to get just 10% off? Too funny! And their cosmetics and face/body dept is a joke! SO overpriced, and not to mention their horrid smelling perfume oils, most smell rancid! Go to Walmart . . . it's way less expensive, and you can still find healthier items there too!

Life Is Good says:

Great tips. Thanks! I learned so much from you.

Enigma says:

and u got one bag of food

Enigma says:

wtf planet she on this whole foods doesn't exist

Pepper K says:

No body has time to look for coupons and shit to save $0.79 cent lol. Also, if I wanna buy in bulk, ill go to Costco why whole foods lol. This place is way over priced.

Body Wise says:

Thanks for posting. Lots of good ideas.


Wow! Awesome video. So much I've been missing out. Thank you.

Jannik Babel says:

But all of this makes only Sense if you Really wanna buy those items, because you Need them. If you dont Need them, dont buy them. Thats what WF-Market wants, to let you buy things you actaully dont Need. This is just the negatives about those coupons. But Other than that i really liked the video and of course Whole foods market.

Thanks for reading

Shar Frederick says:

What a nice store!!1 Wow I'm impressed! Don't know if they have in Minnesota, but love the bunny thing! Very cool!!

Humberto Garcia says:

Bet you loved getting the meat delivered.

samworth says:

I think my best bet at Whole Foods is to stick with things like dairy, produce on sale, and some of the rarer foods. A lot of those so called deals are on foods that are non organic and may be of the same quality as something you would find in an average grocery store.

Tomas Sanjuan says:

I like Whole Foods, but I think it is way out of my league. That is why I shop at Trader Joe's and Publix and make the occasional trip to Whole Foods (they have an amazing selection of produce)

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